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If you have any Questions that are not answered here please to not hesitate to call us at 716-741-0900 or send us an email!


How do you sell your Products?


We sell all of our Bulk Products in Cubic Yards.      1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet. 


How much area will 1 cu yd of material cover?


At 3 inches thick, 1 cubic yard of material will cover approximately 100 square feet and is equivalent in volume to a standard size bathtub full.


How do I determine how many cubic yards of material I need?


Please go to our Calculator Page on this Website and it I will help you to figure out how much bulk material you will need.


Can I pickup material with my pickup truck?


Yes you can!  Here at F. Cimato Topsoil we will load almost anything you drive in. (Within reason)  Please be advised that our loader operator will be able to tell you how much your vehicle is able to carry.  We do not like to overload your vehicle as we do not want any damage to occur.      


Can your trucks deliver off the Driveway or in my Backyard


Our Trucks do not like to leave your driveway for deliveries.  We leave it up to the driver if he would be able to go off the driveway or in your back yard.  F. Cimato Topsoil is not responsible for any damage to your lawn if this option is taken by the homeowner. 


Is there a minimum quantity required for delivery?


For local deliveries in the Clarence and Amherst area there is no minimum quantity.  There is a 3 yard Minimum for deliveries that are farther than this from our location depending on how booked are delivery schedule is.  Call Today to Ask!


How many cubic yards are in a load of topsoil?


We have three different size trucks that we can deliver to you with.  Small Dump truck = 5 yard max of Topsoil.   Medium size Dump truck = 10 yard Max of Topsoil   Large Size Dump truck = 20 yard max of Topsoil


How many cubic yards are in a load of shredded mulch?


We can deliver from 1-25 yards of mulch mattering on what you need! For quantities of 75 yards or larger we can direct ship Tractor Trailer loads to you.  


Can I Pickup less then a Cubic Yard?


Yes you can purchase less than a yard from our location.  This is for Pick-up only.  Delivery is 1 yard or more. 


Where does your topsoil come from?


Our topsoil comes from projects and developments from around the W.N.Y area.  We are very selective in where we get our topsoil from.  We only purchase the best product, as we would sell nothing else to our customers.   


Where does your mulch come from?


We DO NOT make our own mulch like our competition.  We purchase our mulch from one of the largest mulch providers in the northeast.  Our mulch is all Hardwood Bark and made by mulch professionals that do this for a living.   You will not find a better product in the Buffalo NY Area.      


Does your topsoil have sticks, sand, and rocks in it?


No we use the smallest screens in the business on our screening plant.  Our topsoil is the finest in texture that you will find in W.N.Y.


It rained out can I Pick Up Topsoil that is Dry?


We have dry screened topsoil stored inside 365 days a year.  It may get wet on your way to the job but it always comes out of our building dry. 

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