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Stone Products give an alternative to traditional mulch to create a different landscaping look. With many of the same advantages as mulch, Stone proves to be a decorative and useful landscaping material that will give your landscaping an edge over your Neighbors.


One of the largest pros of using Stone Products is their lack of decomposition properties; and, while stone doesn’t require annual replacement, it does require more initial install time.






Our topsoil is good clean healthy soil. Typically, Topsoil is created by sifting and screening soil to remove any sticks, rocks or other contaminants.



Some of the many uses for topsoil include:


If your planting area has poor soil quality, you can increase the richness of the soil by adding one of our topsoil blends.

• Panting trees,flowers, or any landscaping plants. 

• Laying sod / Topdressing.

• Snowplow repair




All mulches will help retain moisture in the ground so plants will grow healthier.  All mulches will last approximately one (1) year but our Premium Black at F. Cimato Topsoil has been known to stay dark black up to 2 years.  You should put mulch down at 2" thick. Any less not enough, any more overkill. You will have to mulch every year.


Some of the many benefits you can experience from using Mulch Products:


• Reduced soil erosion

• Less soil compaction from the impact of rain

• Conservation of moisture, resulting in less need for watering

• Prevention of weed growth

• Enhancement of visual appeal of your landscape

Laurens Pro Landscape

F. Cimato Topsoil is primarily a supplier of bulk landscape products. We work very closely with several highly qualified local landscaping companies that utilize our products.  If you see a product that you like on our webpage and are not a Do it Yourselfer/Weekend Warrior we can set you up with one of our Landscapers that will specialize in your specific landscaping needs.  For an estimate please Call or Email us at F. Cimato Topsoil.


Here at F. Cimato Topsoil we understand that Landscaping is not all Bulk Products and that our customers will have a need for other Landscaping Goods.  We are happy to promote and say that we are partners with Russell’s Tree and Shrub Farm.      


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