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Screened Topsoils

Screened Topsoil

Our topsoil is the finest topsoil you will find in the WNY area and is screened with the smallest screens in the business.  Our topsoil is screened and then stored inside a large indoor facility.  Rain or Shine we always have dry topsoil for your project. 

Organic Topsoil

F. Cimato Topsoil's Organic Topsoil is a 50/50 mix of Topsoil and Organic Leaf Compost.  This product is mixed prior to being screened to ensure that our customers get a premium mixed product that is perfect for your landscaping and gardening needs.  This product DOES NOT have any animal byproduct in it.  After being screened this topsoil is stored indoors so rain or shine we have a dry product for you.   

Fill Dirt

We do sell the spoils off the back of our screening plant.  This product does have sticks and stones in it and is quite clumpy.  It is great to fill in pools that you have removed, holes in your yard, or to raise a low area in your lawn.  This product saves on your topsoil expense as this is a more cost effective way to fill an area.  After useing this product to fill a majority of your area all you have to do is topdress it with some of our Screened Topsoil. 

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Compost / Peat Moss

Organic Black Leaf Compost

Our Organic Black Leaf Compost is made on site and is some of the blackest compost you will find around.  This product is aged up to three years before it is sold to our customers.  This is the compost that is mixed in our organic soil.

Brown Compost

Our Brown Compost is professionally made.  This product does contain animal byproducts.  This product is certified, aged, and dryed to make a great compost-fertilizer for your garden or landscaping.  This product has a little to no smell and is great to mix with any of our topsoil blends.  Some people also use this as a mulch substitute.   

3.8 Bails of Peat Moss

3.8 Bails of Peat Moss.  Peat Moss is great to add to your soil to keep your soil moist and loose.  This would be great to also add to our Organic Soil Product.

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